Thursday, 6 March 2014

WALT set smart goals

Here is some of my camp goals. Here is an example down below of what we had to use in our goals.
Now here is my camp goals!
Goal 1:
I achieved my goal by looking at the time about every ten minutes. I also looked at my timetable to find out what time I had to be there and what activity I had to go to. My group mates  encouraged me to look at the time so that I could help them also get to the right place.

Goal 2: Yay I did it, I got down to the bottom of the abseiling wall. I achieved this by believing in myself and getting it over and done with. My friends encouraged me to go down the abseiling wall. I  felt a lot more confer dent, when ants Said "Well done, keep going."

Next time:
Next time I want to be a bit more confer dent while going through the cave. I think I will be a bit more conferdent next time because I have gone through the cave before.

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  1. What excellent goals you have set yourself Hannah! How do you think you went towards achieving them last week at camp?