Monday, 7 September 2015

Te Reo Portfolio Sample

This term in Te reo we have been learning about the human body parts and how to pronounce each body part correctly in maori. After we had learnt most the human body parts we got into small groups (around 3 people) we had to create "something" to show our knowledge/what we had learnt. We could show our learning in any way we wanted, a poster, a music video, or a plain video/puppet pal.


Big Idea:
To make sure we remembered all of the maori parts we learnt a song called To Ringa ki roto ( it is basically the body parts song but in maori). We also learnt the actions and every week at the start of the lesson we sing the song/do the actions. It is a very catchy song and it has helped me learn and remember most of the body parts. To also help us, we went online to hear people pronounce the correctly, and last but not least we made a poster with a person in the middle and then labeled each of the persons body parts that we could see on the person.

A few weeks later our teachers told us that we had to create a something teaching someone/people all about the body parts. My friends Georgia and Sophie chose to create a poster and our audience was going to be five year olds. We tried to make our poster as interactive as possible as we thought that if it was just a jumble of words the 5 year olds would not be interested! We also tried to chose the body parts that the 5 year olds would now in english. The body parts Georgia sophie and I put on our poster was:

  • Leg: WaeWae 
  • Hand: RingaRinga
  • Head: Manaunga 
  • Ear: Taringa

I love the way you have used very simple images for your body parts. Hiding them behind flaps and making them 3 D makes your poster interactive and fun. Even if the 5 year olds have limited reading skills they would still be able to get useful information. Well done!
I would love to see at least 4 more body parts named on your poster. Charlotte
I think the poster that Georgia, Sophie and I made is very interactive and that the 5 year olds would enjoy looking at it and learning the body parts and would not get bored. I think that I would also like to keep singing the song  To Ringa ki roto as it really helped me pronounce the body parts in maori correctly.

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  1. I agree with Charlotte! What a fun and interactive poster. You have thought carefully about your audience and targeted it directly to them. Ka pai to mahi!