Thursday, 10 September 2015

Passion Project T3 2015

To use the passion project inquiry process to investigate my passion independently/in a small group.

My Passion Project Inquiry Is:
To learn all the rules/ aspects of interior design and all the "interior design" features and also look for inspiration to maybe design and revamp some of the class rooms or my bedroom.

Big Idea:
I am trying to find out all the ''key'' rules for interior design as I am going to try and make my school class room cooler, showing some of the important features I have learnt. One of the rules that I thought was interesting is that it is not a good idea to have red in a bedroom as it reminds people of food and that it is not a good idea to have blue in a kitchen as it reminds people of the bathroom! Before I start creating I think it is a great idea to create a mood board. A mood board is when you go online and find images that you like to do with your topic.  I was looking for things practical and funky and that don't have to take up much space. Here is my mood board:

Here are a few images of me working and a document that I made up of "rules" and my mood board.
Here are some of the important rules as well:

This term I have learnt lots to do with interior design. I also learnt that you can create awesome things, with things you don't need any more! I think that I could have maybe managed my time a bit better because I wanted to start designing my bedroom by now.

Feed back/ Feed Forward:
 I can see you have really focused on your designs and it really fits into your personality. I think you are doing really well on planing your ideas and your passion project is something your passionate about! GREAT JOB HANNAH! - Olivia B

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  1. You have had a lot of fun discovering tip and tricks for interior design. I wonder if the creativity and skills you have used for wearable arts can be transferred to interior design? I see some great ideas on your mood board that would be fun to get creative with, just like wearable arts. You have been able to follow the PASSION inquiry process independently and I hope you keep following this passion into a creative project.