Thursday, 25 September 2014

Two stars and a wish

Every term we do something called two stars and a wish. The stars are when you reflect on what you are proud of and the wish is something you can work towards the next term.

Here is mine

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Term 3 review

WALT: Term 3 review 

Task: To complete the survey:

Here is my review:)

Friday, 19 September 2014

House Inquiry

Title: House Inquiry

WALT: Gather information

Description: Every Wednesday we have been learning about the inquiry process while finding out about different houses around the world. First we chose a question, and then researched the question to find the answer to our question. Our question was how are houses like in England and why are they like this? Each group had to pick a country and inquiry into what there houses are like, present their findings in a haiku deck and then build there house in mincraft. 


I think...

I think that I am Practitioner because I can look at a range of and show how it’s to do with the topic.


1: What are you most proud of?
I am most proud of my house because it looks like a London underground house. I was also proud of my haiku deck because me and Rosalind worked together in a team well!

2: What did you find challenging?
I found that getting the right colored block on mincraft was hard because it had to be as close to the picture on the internet but once we discussed each block it was easier. 

3: My next ‘Get It’ goal is ?
My next get it goal is to, To find a bit more information about the house and research some Pacific types of things would be in a underground loft/house.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Reading Sample 2014

My reading goal this term was to…   'play with ideas' by using small group discussions to draw out her opinions and build on them. 

GET IT...use a range of sources by questioning and predicting
SORT IT...analyse and sort information to answer my question: see if my thinking has changed, look for patterns by questioning inferring, summarising
USE IT…discuss what I have found out with others and make connections 

inquiring readers go through a process to gather, organise and respond to new information. We have been using  the ‘GET IT, SORT IT, USE IT’ process. After reading ‘Wonder’ by R.J.Palaccio our group felt moved to DO something but we didn’t know what! We all had lots of questions so we decided to research more about disabilities before deciding. I wanted to know more about 

How we can help people with disabilities to be independent.

I can research using different sources.
I can think logically, creatively, and reflectively.
I can make generalisations from patterns and connections

Here is what I did with Grace and Georgia. 
Once I read the book wonder, the Julian chapter and out of my mind I made this wordle with Georgia and Grace from all the peoples perspectives. Here it is...

Did my thinking change or stay the same during the ‘GET IT’ stage? 
It did change, we all had one question that in our "mini groups" we had to find out.  Our challenge was to find out all about disabilities. When I was looking on the internet I found that a disability can be caused by a disease. So we worked on this for a while Disabilities/disease and then is all clicked . 

From ‘SORTING IT’ I can make these generalizations:
Most people with disabilities want to be independent
They are treated differently because they look un normal
They are normal to them but we are different.
They are rather happy the way they are.
You should always ask if you want to help a person with a disability. They might not want to use your help.

‘USE IT’ What now?
I would like to create a movie talking to you about all the generalization and talking to you about why I chose the words in the wordle. 

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Maths Sample 2014

We are learning how to extend a repeating picture pattern and use number strategies to think ahead. 

Description: For maths this term we have been learning a range of strategies to help us solve algebra problems. 

Task:  Make a short movie to prove that you have achieved your maths goal.

  • Show, explain, prove your goal and how you did it
  • Clear message
  • Two questions to show your learning
  • Correct answer

  1. What are you most proud of and why?
             I am proud of going out there and learning this strategy and making a “prove it” with                              
             Sophie and moving onto the next goal: We are learning how to continue a number pattern         
             and find the rule for the next reaping pattern.

             What challenged you the most and why?

Thinking up a reaping pattern I thought was really hard because when I thought up a pattern they were all kinda the same and they were all really easy patterns!

  1. Next time, what is a goal you can work towards?
    My goal for next time is going to be: We are learning how to continue a number pattern         
      and find the rule for the next reaping pattern, I am also going to try and get this goal achieved   
      faster and I want to get this goal done faster so that I can move onto the next goal which seems        
       quite exciting!

Well done! You and Sophie explained the questions and how to do it really well. The detail in the answers are spot on. You and Sophie told the answer and how to do it. Maybe next time you could add one more question to top things up. I know you're meant to do two questions but I think 3 questions might be better.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

SLC Writing

Writing portfolio sample T3

WALT:  Entertain

My writing goal this term was to
use simile, metaphor and emotive language
I have included a range of similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia and/or alliteration to create meaning and effect and hold the reader’s interest. 
I think that I have done this "goal" really well and I know this because when I read my writing it flows like a river. It also makes my writing strong/powerful making the reader feel what the writer is feeling and how the writer wants the reader to read their  story.

TASK: craft a free-choice piece of writing that shows how I am developing my goal.

Here is my first, first, first ever piece of writing that I did you will be able to see in my first piece of writing how it is not very good compared to the full edited piece. Here it is...

Here is my finished story and my edited piece that has been highlighted yellow and black.                                    
This story about a dream, about... you just wait and see    

My dream has always been to be an author, and that’s what I am going to do... Just write. 

“Hannah mum shouted what are you doing”? I replied “writing” praying that she would just go away and let me be, but she stayed. Hannah she said, your writing is aways so dull you just write, you don’’t but in passion into it. Strive for excellence, write with excellence then you will succeed. You’ll be amazing Hannah I believe in you, Know get on with your job. You have a lot to write about in a day. But mum I screeched, What shall I write about? One of your child hood dreams she replied, one of your child hood dreams. So I wrote about my favourite dream... when I was tucked in bed waiting to fall asleep. Waiting for the day of my 8th birthday...

I could remember my mother in the kitchen making my chocolate cake for her 8th birthday party the aroma smelt so nice, Tucked away in my bed gazing up at the gleaming stars, silent all around except the Sharp faint call of owl’s swopping around the barn house. My toes freezing cold but not to cold! I could definitely survive! I faded asleep, and dreamed frighten stuff!.. 

Stranded. On a boat, freezing cold. No one to help her.  Waves pouring over the rails of the deck tumbling over each other *like people doing backflips.*  Frantically she tries to grab hold of the steering wheel but her anxiety builds as she realizes she has no control over the boat.,   She hunkered down in position to protect herself from the elements like a curled up hedgehog. It goes on like this all night... BOOM! A monumental wave crashes  over the boat sweeping her into the raging sea.  It is icy cold, She is numb. Blinded by salt water that stings  her *bulging* eyes she is achingly aware of how alone she really is. Then suddenly...

Tap. Tap. I here a echo run through both of my ears and jump out of them into the big gusts of wind twirling around the barn house. “Wake up mum calls frantically” You've been having a night mare, and that’s how it struck. I got lousily out of bed and well did my usual jobs. Get dressed, brush my teeth, do my hair, pack my bag and so on and that was he end of that! 
How has your writing has improved this term?
I have used a variety of simple, complex and compound sentences to build interest and suspense:) I think by adding in this kid of stuff it helps the reader “feel” what he author is feeling. Also I wanted the author to keep adding their thoughts to my piece of writing and using this goal I think that they would use this kind of stuff in their own piece of writing too.
The part of my story I am most proud of is….because…
My edited piece because I have used lot’s of similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia and/or alliteration to hold the readers attention. I also really like these two sentences: Stranded.  I like this sentence because... It makes the piece of writing more powerful and it also gives suspense. She hunkered down in position to altercation  and it goes on like this all night. I like this sentence because I think that there is lots of juicy words e.g.: hunkered and altercation. 
Next time, what is a goal you can work towards?
To work on my spelling because this kinda ties in with writing and I also want to work on this goal: Organized and sequenced my ideas into paragraphs for purpose and effect.
I think that next time this might be a goal to work towards because I think that I am not very good at understanding paragraphing and that sometimes in a separate paragraph I have the same idear!

I think that was a very nice and juicy story I think that you have worked hard editing that part of your writing. I think you could have worked on putting some speech in there. Rosalind:)

Great work Hannah! I think the edited piece is a brilliant piece of writing because it captures the readers attention, and you manage to keep them with you throughout that piece. Maybe next time you could add one more simile or metaphor. Ana