Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Abseiling Presentation

W.A.L.T Research
Success  Criteria:
Know your stuff 
Loud clear voice
Share the main points
Make eye contact
Make sure every member participates

I think our group did a great job presenting but I think we could have made more eye contact with the audience. 

Here is my traffic light success criteria too!

Here is also some feed ford and feed back.

Feed Ford.

Next time you need to work on to 

put the relevant information into your
own words

Feed back.
You are great at adding ideas and 
having a loud and clear voice.

Before camp we  did some presentations. Our group choose to do it on abseiling. We spent lots of time reading books, watching u-tube videos to find out facts about our topic.... abseiling. Watch our pre station to find out all about abseiling!


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  2. I think you need to speak with a clear loud voice and you need to face the audience more. I think that you did well with looking confident and relaxed.

  3. Yes! You composed yourself well! You speak well in front of an audience. Did you enjoy doing this? Or are you pretty nervous and able to hide it? Next time, having some notes in your hand about your slide/presentation will help you look at the audience.