Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Dream Jobs Tic-Tac-Toe

A Tic-Tac-Toe I chose to do today was to read an article called "dream Jobs" and then summarise what you would do if you 'did' that job! here is my summary.

A food taste tester:
-If you were a food taste tester you would have to test all types of different food: From Apples, to Toothpaste to even pet food! They say what they like about the food and what they dislike plus what they think other people will not like and like about the food. They judge each type of food on Texture, Aroma, Flavor and the taste. Also what it tastes like after around 5 minutes.
-If I was a food taste tester I would also test the food on it's appearance/presentation, (how it looks).

Professional Sleeper:
- A professional sleeper is when you go to different places in the world and sleep in different circumstances. For example: A hot place/ a cold place. In Finland somebody hired a person to sleep in around 35 different beds in different types of situations and temperatures and then write about the experience.

Video Game Tester:
- Testers get paid to play unfinished video games all day. They play the games all day and then report any problems/glitches to the game developers to fix before selling the games.

Fragrance Chemist:
- Fragrance Chemist's test different types smells. They study different scents and they develop different scents for men and women. They make up scents for perfume, soap lotions and face wash.

Last but not least...
A Nail Polish Namer:
-Nail Polish Namer's look and paint their nails and figure out what the new type of nail polish should be called. They try and come up with unique names for the new nail polish to be released by the company.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Passion Project T3 2015

To use the passion project inquiry process to investigate my passion independently/in a small group.

My Passion Project Inquiry Is:
To learn all the rules/ aspects of interior design and all the "interior design" features and also look for inspiration to maybe design and revamp some of the class rooms or my bedroom.

Big Idea:
I am trying to find out all the ''key'' rules for interior design as I am going to try and make my school class room cooler, showing some of the important features I have learnt. One of the rules that I thought was interesting is that it is not a good idea to have red in a bedroom as it reminds people of food and that it is not a good idea to have blue in a kitchen as it reminds people of the bathroom! Before I start creating I think it is a great idea to create a mood board. A mood board is when you go online and find images that you like to do with your topic.  I was looking for things practical and funky and that don't have to take up much space. Here is my mood board:

Here are a few images of me working and a document that I made up of "rules" and my mood board.
Here are some of the important rules as well:

This term I have learnt lots to do with interior design. I also learnt that you can create awesome things, with things you don't need any more! I think that I could have maybe managed my time a bit better because I wanted to start designing my bedroom by now.

Feed back/ Feed Forward:
 I can see you have really focused on your designs and it really fits into your personality. I think you are doing really well on planing your ideas and your passion project is something your passionate about! GREAT JOB HANNAH! - Olivia B

Never Say Can't Tic-Tac-Toe

Today the Tic-Tac-Toe I chose to do was watch a video called "never say can't''. After I watched the video I had to summarise the video. When Writing my summary I had to think about, what message I got out of it and does the women have a growth or fixed mindset?

Here is my summary:
Jennifer Bricker alway inspired to be a gymnast and her idol was Dominique Moceanu but the only problem was Jennifer Bricker was born without legs. They raised Jennifer like they did "normally" with all her healthy brothers, but there was one rule in their house, NEVER SAY CAN'T. Over the years she put her mind to becoming a gymnast with the one rule: NEVER SAY CAN'T. She started at seven on the trampoline practicing with her dad, and then a few years later she was competing at competitions. One day out of curiosity, when she was 16 Jennifer asked what her last name was, her mum then said that her last- name would of been Moceanu. She looked through lots of files and then she wrote Dominique a letter and found out they where sisters.  They also talked to each other and Dominique said:How did she have this attitude to persevere and overcome every obstacle that life gave her?

I think that Jennifer had a growth mindset to persevere and accomplish her goals.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Reading Follow Up Task.

This term my reading goal is summarizing and we have been reading lots of long stories and summarizing/picking out key details/the main points to summarize a story. As our school production is all about creating a wearable art garment we read all about the famous show WOW ( World Of Wearable Arts) and how it originated/all about what has happened to it over the years. We read this story and wrote out in our books the:

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Why 
  • How 
Structure/format (it really helps me pick out the key details). After writing down all of that I wrote my summary.

Here it is:
In rural nelson in 1987 Suzie Moncrieff decided to follow her dreams/passion and Create a show could WOW. (World Of Wearable Arts). With the help of Eelco Boswijk who gave her 1,000 dollars to kick start the event. The only trouble was people didn't quite get her art body concept, some entering colorful knitwear instead! But fortunately there was enough interest/support to take her dream a whole lot further... Over the years the show got bigger and bigger each year, with categories such as Avant-Garde, South Pacific, Man unleashed and the judges personal favourite, Bizarre-bra. In 2000 WOW also became international with people all round the globe attending and entering their costumes! Because the show was getting so big and could no longer fit in the small Nelson theaters, It was announced in 2004 that it would move to Wellington in 2005.  
Since WOW has moved to Wellington, the audience has increased by 50% and now more that 35,000 people attend the show each year! 

This was the 2009 Winner 
Entirely made out of Wood
A butterfly illusen

Tic-Tac-Toe Image Promts

Today for one of my Tic-Tac-Toe's I decided to do image prompts. My task was to think critically about this picture and how it relates to my learning.

Here is the picture:
This picture shows unity and togetherness. Also team work by helping eachother/holding hands while doing it. It also shows caring for each by holding hands (making everyone feel safe). Every one looks like they are putting themselves in the learning pit (because that is where the "best learning happens")! They are showing perseverance and persistence.

If I was one of those people I would be very scared to dive/jump of off where they jumped of but I would never say never or, never say " I can't do that" because that is a fixed mindset and great learning happens when you have a growth mindset. I think I would do it because it would be a one in a lifetime opportunity.

How I can relate to this in my learning is by be kind to everyone because everyone is happier that way. We also show perseverance and persistence and encourage each other to do their best. It also looks like they are having a lot of fun and in my class/poutama we always like having fun.

I think that the picture is very inspiring and if you look at the picture for a long time lots of great messages come across.

Somebody-Wanted-But-So-Then Tic-Tac-Toe

For one of my Tic-Tac-Toe's this week I chose to do the Somebody-Wanted-But-So-Then Tic-Tac-Toe. What you have to do is read an article and then summarise the story that I just read. I find that it is a great way for me to summarise a story and learn which parts are important in a summary and what you don't really need to put in as I have learnt that summarising is when you focus on the "key"points/ the details of the story you just read. I read the story four flags chosen as NZ is getting/chosing a new flag.
This is the model We/I used to summarise the story

Somebody- There is no main person in the story as it is the people of NZ choosing the flag but the people who designed each of the four flag could be the main people

Wanted- New Zealand wants a new flag that we can relate to and represents our country, also a flag that doesn't look like another country's. Our goal is to try and make everyone happy with the new flag.

But- The new flag will cost over 25million dollars and not everyone will like the flag that most people chose.

So- The first referendum will be held between November the 20th and the 11th of December.

Then- In March 2016 the public will decided what flag we will have...
I personally like this flag because it has the silver fern and lots of the NZ colors, Black, White and Red. It also has the southern cross on it. It is also similar to some of our sports  teams flags like the All blacks and the Silver ferns.
Here is my summary:
Four flags have been chosen to maybe be the new NZ flag. The first referendum will be held between November the 20th and the 11th of December, and the whole project will cost around 25million. The public will be asked to rank them to decide the final option. This will determine which of the designs will run against the current flag in a second referendum in March 2016 to decide which flag New Zealand will use in the future.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Te Reo Portfolio Sample

This term in Te reo we have been learning about the human body parts and how to pronounce each body part correctly in maori. After we had learnt most the human body parts we got into small groups (around 3 people) we had to create "something" to show our knowledge/what we had learnt. We could show our learning in any way we wanted, a poster, a music video, or a plain video/puppet pal.


Big Idea:
To make sure we remembered all of the maori parts we learnt a song called To Ringa ki roto ( it is basically the body parts song but in maori). We also learnt the actions and every week at the start of the lesson we sing the song/do the actions. It is a very catchy song and it has helped me learn and remember most of the body parts. To also help us, we went online to hear people pronounce the correctly, and last but not least we made a poster with a person in the middle and then labeled each of the persons body parts that we could see on the person.

A few weeks later our teachers told us that we had to create a something teaching someone/people all about the body parts. My friends Georgia and Sophie chose to create a poster and our audience was going to be five year olds. We tried to make our poster as interactive as possible as we thought that if it was just a jumble of words the 5 year olds would not be interested! We also tried to chose the body parts that the 5 year olds would now in english. The body parts Georgia sophie and I put on our poster was:

  • Leg: WaeWae 
  • Hand: RingaRinga
  • Head: Manaunga 
  • Ear: Taringa

I love the way you have used very simple images for your body parts. Hiding them behind flaps and making them 3 D makes your poster interactive and fun. Even if the 5 year olds have limited reading skills they would still be able to get useful information. Well done!
I would love to see at least 4 more body parts named on your poster. Charlotte
I think the poster that Georgia, Sophie and I made is very interactive and that the 5 year olds would enjoy looking at it and learning the body parts and would not get bored. I think that I would also like to keep singing the song  To Ringa ki roto as it really helped me pronounce the body parts in maori correctly.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Maths Portfolio Sample

For maths this term we have been focusing on multiplication and division. In stage 7, and my maths teacher is Troy.There are 3 main strategies we have been learning. Known Facts (NF), Splitting (S),  and proportional adjustment (PLAT). My favourite strategies to use are: Known Facts and Proportional adjustment.

Big Idea:
In my workshop I was given 1 question with 2 parts. The first part was working out 176 x 32 (as I am in stage 7 I had to work out the question using 2 strategies).  The first way I worked out the question was with known facts, Known Facts is when you start off with the facts you know and the work out the question from there. The second way was with proportional adjustment. Proportional adjustment is when you half or 3rd each number or double and treble each of numbers you also double one number and halve the other. I found it easier and faster to work the question using PLAT, as I think that I am quite good at halving and 3rding  which you need to do when using the strategy proportional adjustment. I think that I need to keep working on splitting as I sometimes find it a difficult strategy and I don't understand it.

I have learnt two new strategies this term, which I think has been very helpful for me to be more confidant in my maths. I still think that the strategies are taking me a little longer than they should for me to work out the question. ( I find choosing the right strategy sometimes hard).

Feedback and FeedForward:
Wow Hannah! I love the way that you are really confident with both these strategies.
The way that you have solved the problems is easy to understand. You have taught me lots.
Next time you could explain more what you are doing in the photo.
Thank you for giving a clear message I really look up at you!