Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Reading Follow Up Task.

This term my reading goal is summarizing and we have been reading lots of long stories and summarizing/picking out key details/the main points to summarize a story. As our school production is all about creating a wearable art garment we read all about the famous show WOW ( World Of Wearable Arts) and how it originated/all about what has happened to it over the years. We read this story and wrote out in our books the:

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Why 
  • How 
Structure/format (it really helps me pick out the key details). After writing down all of that I wrote my summary.

Here it is:
In rural nelson in 1987 Suzie Moncrieff decided to follow her dreams/passion and Create a show could WOW. (World Of Wearable Arts). With the help of Eelco Boswijk who gave her 1,000 dollars to kick start the event. The only trouble was people didn't quite get her art body concept, some entering colorful knitwear instead! But fortunately there was enough interest/support to take her dream a whole lot further... Over the years the show got bigger and bigger each year, with categories such as Avant-Garde, South Pacific, Man unleashed and the judges personal favourite, Bizarre-bra. In 2000 WOW also became international with people all round the globe attending and entering their costumes! Because the show was getting so big and could no longer fit in the small Nelson theaters, It was announced in 2004 that it would move to Wellington in 2005.  
Since WOW has moved to Wellington, the audience has increased by 50% and now more that 35,000 people attend the show each year! 

This was the 2009 Winner 
Entirely made out of Wood
A butterfly illusen

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