Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Dream Jobs Tic-Tac-Toe

A Tic-Tac-Toe I chose to do today was to read an article called "dream Jobs" and then summarise what you would do if you 'did' that job! here is my summary.

A food taste tester:
-If you were a food taste tester you would have to test all types of different food: From Apples, to Toothpaste to even pet food! They say what they like about the food and what they dislike plus what they think other people will not like and like about the food. They judge each type of food on Texture, Aroma, Flavor and the taste. Also what it tastes like after around 5 minutes.
-If I was a food taste tester I would also test the food on it's appearance/presentation, (how it looks).

Professional Sleeper:
- A professional sleeper is when you go to different places in the world and sleep in different circumstances. For example: A hot place/ a cold place. In Finland somebody hired a person to sleep in around 35 different beds in different types of situations and temperatures and then write about the experience.

Video Game Tester:
- Testers get paid to play unfinished video games all day. They play the games all day and then report any problems/glitches to the game developers to fix before selling the games.

Fragrance Chemist:
- Fragrance Chemist's test different types smells. They study different scents and they develop different scents for men and women. They make up scents for perfume, soap lotions and face wash.

Last but not least...
A Nail Polish Namer:
-Nail Polish Namer's look and paint their nails and figure out what the new type of nail polish should be called. They try and come up with unique names for the new nail polish to be released by the company.

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