Thursday, 3 September 2015

Maths Portfolio Sample

For maths this term we have been focusing on multiplication and division. In stage 7, and my maths teacher is Troy.There are 3 main strategies we have been learning. Known Facts (NF), Splitting (S),  and proportional adjustment (PLAT). My favourite strategies to use are: Known Facts and Proportional adjustment.

Big Idea:
In my workshop I was given 1 question with 2 parts. The first part was working out 176 x 32 (as I am in stage 7 I had to work out the question using 2 strategies).  The first way I worked out the question was with known facts, Known Facts is when you start off with the facts you know and the work out the question from there. The second way was with proportional adjustment. Proportional adjustment is when you half or 3rd each number or double and treble each of numbers you also double one number and halve the other. I found it easier and faster to work the question using PLAT, as I think that I am quite good at halving and 3rding  which you need to do when using the strategy proportional adjustment. I think that I need to keep working on splitting as I sometimes find it a difficult strategy and I don't understand it.

I have learnt two new strategies this term, which I think has been very helpful for me to be more confidant in my maths. I still think that the strategies are taking me a little longer than they should for me to work out the question. ( I find choosing the right strategy sometimes hard).

Feedback and FeedForward:
Wow Hannah! I love the way that you are really confident with both these strategies.
The way that you have solved the problems is easy to understand. You have taught me lots.
Next time you could explain more what you are doing in the photo.
Thank you for giving a clear message I really look up at you!

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  1. Hannah, this is an outstanding portfolio sample. You are thorough in your explanation and your examples show exactly what you did. I like that you used the materials to solve this problem too. Keep it up Hannah!