Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Writing Portfolio Sample

In Writing we got given a picture to write about. It was a picture of a cat in a cage and a bird sitting on top of it.We could chose who's point of view we could write from. I chose to write from my own point of view of about what happened, here is the picture of what we had to write about:


Big Idea:
In Rebecca's Writing group we have been learning all about ideas my goal specifically is to know who my audience is. I am also trying to impact my audience so that the audience understands what I am trying to get across in my writing. I tried to base my writing on the people around 8-12. Before we started writing we used this success criteria to help us:

  • brainstormed precise nouns, descriptive adjectives to describe the image.
  • used prompts such as what the character could see, hear, feel, hear.  
  • used the mountain planning form to help us leave clues in our story.
Here is my Writing:

I think that I used a range of short and long sentences to add impact to my story. But I think that I could have used a few more descriptive words. I liked using the new writing success criteria as I could keep looking back while I was writing and check that my writing was up to standard.

Feed back / Feed forward: 
I think you did a great job with adding lots of detail to your story to add impact, good job. But I think next time you could have added more talking between the characters.
From Hannah P

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  1. Hannah, it is great to see that you had a specific audience in mind while you were writing your piece as this helps you to tailor your ideas and language to suit your target audience. I am glad you used your success criteria also as this meant you were reflecting on and evaluating your work and taking steps to better achieve your goal! I love that you set the scene at the beginning of the story and hooked us in to wanting more. You added some great descriptive words and I agree more would make your story even more interesting. You have stuck to the main points well and this makes your story flow and make sense. Keep up the great writing Hannah!