Thursday, 29 May 2014


     WALT: Use compensation

Purpose: To teach other people how to use the compensation strategy.

Process: At the moment we are focusing on the Compensation  strategy.  To start with, our maths group worked together to learn the strategy.  Then we had a go by ourselves trying to use the strategy for each problem.  We shared our answers back with the group to discuss what the answers were.  

 What I Learnt: I learnt that it is easier if you change your i.e. 9x18 change the 9 into the 10 and then all you do is add on a zero to that particular number.

Self assessment: I think I did well showing my working out but I am still not confer dent with the strategy, and I know that as a learner because I had to copy an example out of my book that my teacher helped me out with.

Peer assessment: Wow you have but a lot of information , you have but a lot of thought into your piece of writing. I think you have done very del into it. I now what you are doing in your maths. 

 Another Peer assessment: Well done I can see that you have tried to make your math sample the best it can be. I can see what you are trying to teach the people who want to know about compensation maths. Keep up the great work.                                                     Grace

Here is my working out.

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  1. Fantastic Hannah. I can tell you have this strategy sorted. Your next goal is to have confidence and accuracy with other strategies so that you can choose the best strategy for the type of problem you have.

    Excellent post as well!