Friday, 6 June 2014

SLC Mnemonics

W.A.L.T Rote learn (learn off by heart.)

In class we have been learning about mnemonics, mnemonics are when you have a word we (in our class we are using our spelling words,) well what you do is with your spelling word you grab the first letter in your spelling word lets say the you have the word because you grab the letter b the ''b'' that letter could be big. You keep making up words that turn into a funny sentence.

Purpose: ( why we are learning this.)
We are learning this so that we can remember our spelling words easier and if you don't remember you might remember your mnemonic that you made for that word.... so then you could just write down the letter that each word starts with and you could get 10/10 in your spelling!

First we learnt what a mnemonic was, we did a few examples in a group and then we went of in our own place and and worked on a few by ourselves. I found that I had to go to a teacher often because I couldn't think of a word to end with!

What I learnt:
I learnt that it is best to start the first letter of with a name, a verb a place or a noun.

Self assessment:
I think I did a great job and I really liked the way I colored the first letter at the start of the word.

Peer comment: Ha Ha Hannah thats funny you put your name in one of the sentences. -Kobe

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  1. I love your mnemonic for 'happily' - great job! I really like the way you have coloured the first letter too. Thanks for completing your post to the highest of standards!