Thursday, 19 June 2014

SLC Writing.

WALT: Inform

Description: Write an explanation about something that you have learnt about energy.

What: We are publishing our piece of writing.

Why? To share on our blog and during our Student Led Conference.

When? Week 6

Who: The world

Here is my writing:

I am going to explain to you all about potential and kinetic energy. There are lots of ways you can show and explain energy. Lets get started explaining all about potential energy...

Potential energy is “ready” to do something, but it hasn’t happened yet. It’s got the ability to do things. For example if a ball is at the top of a hill it has the potential to roll down it. I’ll give you another example. Lets say that you have a pen and it is on the end of a table and it is hanging over the edge, that is potential energy because if I give the table a jolt it will fall off and turn into kinetic energy. Potential energy is something that is not just sitting there it has to  be able to move, and able to do something when you interact with it.

Then on the other hand there is kinetic energy. Kinetic energy is when something is moving. It’s transferring from when I am holding the “object”. When I am holding the object it has my energy but when I let it go it has it’s own energy to do things. If I push a ball down a hill it has kinetic energy because it is moving, it is moving down the hill.

Did you know that every action has a reaction? That was Sir Isaac Newtons third law.
Sir Isaac Newton is the person who invented the Newtons Cradle. He invented it to show people how a Newtons Cradle works and how it can demonstrate potential and kinetic energy.  Lets say that I have a Newtons cradle, and that I am holding just one of the metal beads. At that moment it has potential energy because it  will  bang into all the other metal beads. So once you have let that certain bead go it bangs onto the other beads which gives them the kinetic  energy. The kinetic energy passes on through the balls until it gets to the last ball, since the last ball has nowhere  to go it  turns back around and it bangs into the other ball. It works like that until the kinetic energy grows less and less and less.  Another explanation on energy transferring... If you have a swing and you are holding the swing back it has potential energy because it has the “ potential” to move and turn into kinetic energy. When you let it go it turns into kinetic energy because it is moving.
There are two types of energy potential energy is stored and kinetic energy is moving energy.  Energy can transfer between objects.   

In conclusion, you can see potential energy is stored energy, and you can see kinetic energy because it is moving energy.

I hope you enjoyed my writing!

Here is a sheet that we had to fill out. We had to see if we had meet the success crieta. I commented on how well I did, then a buddy from my writing group and then my writing teacher. Here is what they think:

Evaluation: I think that my writing was really great because I struggle writing down ideas even though there are so many of them bubbling around in my head. Next time if I got to write more I would like to have explained more on the kinetic paragraph.

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  1. Great effort Hannah. You have produced a detailed piece of writing and made it clear and easy to understand with your examples. Mum