Friday, 21 February 2014

The most expensive country that I could find.

I watched this video about a boy who drew a picture of a butterfly. He drew a draft. He drew 6 drafts before he got his finished butterfly. His friends gave him lots of Ideas to help him with this his drawing.    His butterfly looked amazing at the end. Here is the link to watch the video.
In class we had to find a really expensive country. New Zealand was an expensive country.
Here it is.

This work wasn't good quality. It din't show my working out, and it only told you what the word and answer was. I did another draft to tell you how I worked it out. Here it is.

A word that = 100 dollars

Here is my word that I made to = 100 dollars

Another 2 stars and a wish

Here another 2 stars and a wish for this week.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Maori Talks

Here is Ahroa Georgia's and My Maori talk presentation. Enjoy.

This is better quiltay work because I explained the video better and told you what I was doing and what I was saying.

We had to say keti pehia que to one another and the other person had to say kati pai and then we had to say what we feel like. I was Hot- kati Wera which meant that I was hot. You can click on the link down below if you want ton watch the video.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Here is my poster that I did around kotahitanga. I hope you like it.

Monday, 17 February 2014


LP3 - WALT read and respond to text. Here are a few texts. Plus I don't want to change the the NZ flag because the people who went to war fought under this flag and I like the design the way it is.

The negatives of changing our flag is because people could get confused on what flag we are using and the positives to this is that some people might not like the flag and want to change it. 


Here is a photo of our survey that I did enjoy.

My comment

Here is my comment that I did on buddy challenge day. Here it is.

What was my highlight. My highlight was doing the stepping stones with Joy. I liked this task because we had to work in a group and I enjoyed working with my buddy and my team.
What did I find challenging? I found the blind fold challenge hard because my buddy din't know the difference between left and right.
Who did I notice being a great role model? I noticed Gemma being a great role model because she was helping her buddy as well as helping another little girl who din't have a buddy.
Who did I notice showing perseverance in a task?
I noticed my buddy showing perseverance in a task because she couldn't reach a stepping stone and she kept trying bet always touched a slight bit of the grass. Then she realized that she could ask me to move the stepping stone closer.
By Hannah

Friday, 14 February 2014

Smarty Goals

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. 

Purpose: To set a learning goal for school, friendships, sports and personal.
WALT: Set Smart Goals
S.M.A.R.T. means SpecificMeasurableAttainable,Realistic and Time-sensitive.
Specific: Don’t be vague. What exactly do you want?
Measurable: Quantify your goal. How will you know if you’ve achieved it or not?
Attainable: Be honest with yourself about what you can reasonably accomplish at this point in your life, taking into consideration your current responsibilities.
Realistic: It’s got to be doable, real and practical.
Time: Associate a time frame with each goal. When should you complete the goal?

Criteria: I can write 4 learning goals that are
Self Assessment
Peer Comment
  • Specific;
  • Measurable;
  • Attainable;
  • Realistic;
  • Time Sensitive.
Overall, how well do you think your learning partner has done?
My writing goal is to...
The reason I have decided to focus on this goal is because...
I will accomplish my goal by...
My reading goal is to...Is to compare and contrast a variety of different texts.
The reason I have decided to focus on this goal is because...It will help me know lots of different words.
I will accomplish my goal by...Reading lots of different books.
My maths goal is to...To Plus and Subtracting decimal
The reason I have decided to focus on this goal is because... Is because I don’t know much about Decimals.
I will accomplish my goal by...Practicing at home and working hard
My sports goal is to...
The reason I have decided to focus on this goal is because...
I will accomplish my goal by...
My personal goal is to...
The reason I have decided to focus on this goal is because...
I will accomplish my goal by...

W.A.L.T Learn

WALT: Learn

WALT: learn!
We will know we are successful when we agree to:

  • Believe in ourselves,
  • Take risks in our learning,
  • Manage self,
  • Display leadership / initiative,
  • Show integrity,
  • Strive for excellence,
  • Take responsibility for our learning,
  • Set challenging learning goals,
  • Learn from our mistakes,
  • Show determination in all situations,
  • Work in unity,
  • Know ourselves as a learner,
  • Think happy thoughts (positivity is the key!),
  • Respect others’ rights to learn, to feel safe and to be respected,
  • Practice being a responsible digital citizen.

Reflective Questions to answer:
  1. How do you feel about these agreements? What parts of it do you particularly like? Dislike? Why? I like the agreements because everyone has something to follow. I dislike some of the agreements because not everyone follows them.
  2. Which agreements will find easy to follow? Why? I think the on task ones will be the easy ones because I am always on task.
Which agreements will you find difficult to follow? Why? I think to respect because sometimes we can be mean and we don't mean it.

2 stars and and a wish

Here is my 2 stars and a wish poster that I did. Enjoy.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Book club task

Today for my book club task I had to read my book called wonder and look to find some "juicy words."


For 1 of our prorates  and species tasks we had to write a comment on the blog poutama rama's blog. We could choose what our comment could be about. Here's my comment.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

My buddy Mikaela

Maths problem solving

Elly has 9 sections of her fence that needs panting. It took 1.5 hours to paint three sections. How much longer will it take her to finish panting the fence?

Our working out. 
First we drew 9 fence posts. Then we colored 3 of the fence posts we worked out that it was 1.5 hours. Then we colored another 3 fence posts that also took 1.5 hours then we colored the last three posts which again took 1.5 hours.

After that we did this problem solving.
1.2 + 1.2 +1.2= 4 hours. 

Then we went 3 + 1+ 2. 

                          We then got our our Answer! 4.2 

Maths games

Today for free learning time I did some maths games on 2d and 3d shapes here is one of the 2d examples on a square.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

What does Gemma like doing?

Whats your favourite piece of food? Candy and chocolate.
What do you like doing. She likes drawing when she is board she draws.
Whats your favourite book? She likes the andy Griffin books that she enjoys.
What is your favourite after school activity? She likes girl guiding and going to Her mum's friends Kylie's house.
Here is Gemma

Maths games

Georgia Rosalind and I figured out this maths question. Here is the evidence

Bookpedia reading goal term 1

My goal is to: Compare and contrast a variety of different texts.

The reason I have decided to focus this goal is: Because Stephen set this goal for me and I think that I should work on it because I don't think I have mastered it! As a reader comparing an contrasting is important because it makes you understand the book better.

I will accomplish my goal by: Comparing books together that are close to the same book but having a different piece of information than the other.

I will know I have achieved my goal when I can discuss the similarities and differences between ideas in a book.

Monday, 10 February 2014


We did some art today. Here is mine, our W.A.L.T was to use our colors effectively. First we had to color the pictures in lots of different colors. Then Ebony took a picture of me doing the splits. After that I cut out the picture and put it on the black piece of paper. I cut it out again and glued it on the colorful piece of paper. Then I was done. Here is my art that I did. Enjoy!


Design a poem around wahtangi day, Rosalind and I did it around the treaty.