Monday, 17 February 2014

My comment

Here is my comment that I did on buddy challenge day. Here it is.

What was my highlight. My highlight was doing the stepping stones with Joy. I liked this task because we had to work in a group and I enjoyed working with my buddy and my team.
What did I find challenging? I found the blind fold challenge hard because my buddy din't know the difference between left and right.
Who did I notice being a great role model? I noticed Gemma being a great role model because she was helping her buddy as well as helping another little girl who din't have a buddy.
Who did I notice showing perseverance in a task?
I noticed my buddy showing perseverance in a task because she couldn't reach a stepping stone and she kept trying bet always touched a slight bit of the grass. Then she realized that she could ask me to move the stepping stone closer.
By Hannah

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