Monday, 7 July 2014

"Where the wild things are!"

WALT: Rote learn and listen and look at pictures closely. 
In class we read the book "where the wild things are" then after that we had to make up our own questions. In this post I have answered the questions but you have to guess what the questions are that I made up! 

Sunday, 6 July 2014

My Dream.

W.A.L.T: Write for Self
Sir Peter Blake was a captain for yachting for the Amercia and New Zealand World Cup. Unfortantly he was sailing and got killed by pirates. Sir Peter Blake used to wear red and white socks when he was doing the yachting competitions. He used to wear them all the time. Sir Peter James Blake, was a New Zealand yachtsman who won the 1989–90 Whitbread Round the World Race.

What do I want to do when I am older? I want to be a interior designer, docor 

How will I achieve this goal? Practice hard! Keep following my dream and I need to learn how to do my job! 

What Is my dream for NZ? To make the world a happy place and to make the world a better place overall to! 

Feed back/feed ford: Your dreams are really Amazing!  You did a great job presenting this! Also you should play a game could inter designer 101 to help you practice your interior designer skills!
From Georgia T

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Goals For Term 3

Walt: Set Smart goals.
Task: Explain to the audience what you 'NEW SMART GOALS ARE' to make my post successful I need to, 
My writing goal is to... use similes, metaphors and emotive language to create mental images.

The reason I have chosen to focus on this goal is... because in my term 2 report my teacher asked me to focus on this in term 3 and when I read my writing back I find that it is sometimes quite boring. 

I will accomplish my goal by... reading back my story more often and asking a teacher of another person to give me advice when I am stuck. Another thing I think I need to do is find out more about metaphors and emotive langue before I get started with my next piece of writing. 

The people who can help me are... my teachers my parents but most of all me!

I want to have this goal finished by... Well I want to work on emotive langue in the holidays so that when I come back to school I will have that goal AMAZING and then in the first two weeks of school I want to work on metaphors and then in the third week put them in my story!

My reading goal is to... 'play with ideas' by using small group discussions to draw out her opinions and build on them. 

The reason I have chosen to focus on this goal is... This will help me develop inferencing and thinking skills to explore more than one possible answers and make text-words connections.

I will accomplish my goal by...  listing to other peoples conversations and what they talk about and then  say what I want to say and ask them questions about the story and also write down ideas so that I can put them in order.

The people who can help me are... My group of reading buddies my teacher and my parents and anyone else who no's how to have a good discussion around books!

I want to have this goal finished by... The end of the term, it is a goal that I can work towards and get finished by term three.

My maths goal is to... use the place value and double & half strategies in the same want as compensating. 

The reason I have chosen to focus on this goal is... because it will help me figure out a question like 19x100 faster.

I will accomplish my goal by... learning my 8 and six times tables so that I can figure  out the answer to any questions like that, 19x800 faster.

The people who can help me are...  My teacher my parents and my group buddies... But mostly me!

I want to have this goal finished by... The end of the term, it is a goal that I can work towards and get finished by term three.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Sudoku Puzzle

Task: Complete a Sudoku puzzel as fast as you can. ( I had to got to a workshop and left my computer to go to sleep, the time kept going).  

In class we had to solve a sudoko puzzle. I found it quite challenging in the end because I am not so good with numbers!I had to start again and again 3 times before I got it right! 

Here is the evidence and the link to the Sudoku puzzles if you want to have a go with some yourself!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Science & a hangi!

Task: Create a poster about how does and what we have learnt from watching and eating a hangi.

It has been the start of a new year for the Maori people. It is called matariki. To celebrate this time our school has been doing some Maori activities. Today we had a hangi. 
We have also been learning about conduction, convention, and radiation. Once we had looked at the hangi we went back to class to make a poster about how a hangi cooks our food. Emma, Gemma and I buddy upped and this is what we came up with...