Monday, 21 April 2014

My Writing about raffle for a ride.

Here is my writing all about raffle for a ride we were learning to

Here is m
Horns and honk honk sounds wee o wee o sounds fill up my brain as I burst out the door with excitement. It was our annual raffle for a ride. “Quick.” I said to Grace hurry up we don’t want to miss the helicopter. Yep i’m coming she replied excitedly. Army tanks, ambulances, a fire truck a tractor some racing cars filled up the field  but were was the helicopter? The rain was dripping frantically  as my eyes glared past all the cars and trucks and tractors filled up the field.

We  jogged past the cars some very shiny and some really really dirty. I could see the glistening rain drops on the bonnet of the car sparkling as the sun tried to break through. We walked round in a circle until we came to the ambulance, the fire truck and the army tank. It was great because we could hop into the ambulance and the tank. There were lots of people in the line though. We went to the shorter  line which was the ambulance line! We waited and waited talking about the helicopter.

“Next two people!” Serena said! We climbed up the steps and went by hopping into the beds. There was lots of equipment that was held up on the sides of the walls. There was millions of first add kits everywhere as I looked under the bed. Oops! That gave me a fright the siren had gone off. The sound was like a squeaking piercing sound the kept turning over and over as people kept playing the sound for fun. We went down the aisle excited to press the ambulance button. 

Causally I reached out my hand to touch the button but “What if What if!” I thought to myself in suspense. Ok! 3,2,1! Grace you can go first. She didn’t want to press it either so we walked back the other way. Grace talked to me and said “ wonder when the helicopter is coming!” Maybe it isn’t coming I said back. “It’s raining today.” "Yeah suppose so." As we tried to walk around waiting for the helicopter it was like the whole world was in the field, it felt like I was going to bump into anybody every second! 

10 past 9 and we were still waiting. Then suddenly, I heard a noise. it was kinda like a grunting sound but 1,000000000000 times louder than you would imagine. I looked up. I looked left. I looked right. I looked down and then looked straight up. And there it was. The helicopter. It got lower and lower. Spinning. Around and around.  When it was about to land I shrieked with excitement. It tipped backwards right under a tree. It then tipped back forward then landed. I watched in amazement as out hopped the lucky 6 children. They went straight back to class. And so did we. 

It was a great raffle for a ride day. I hope to get picked out of the draw for the helicopter next year. 

The End
I also sent this piece of writing to my teacher and he replied. This is what he said and In my published piece I did improve on the stuff.

Hey Hannah,
Thanks so much for sharing your story with me. I really enjoyed reading it! You have an amazing vocabulary and do such a good job of painting a picture for the reader in their head. Your description in your second paragraph about the glistening rain drops sparkling as the sun tried to break through was AMAZING! Such an awesome way to describe it. I was definitely entertained, which was our intention!
Have a quick look through for spelling mistakes (shorter, didn't) and make sure whenever there is speaking or noises being made to have speech marks around them. Then I think it is ready for your blog
Enjoy the rest of your holidays and I hope you get lots of easter eggs.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Writing task

Today we did some writing with a reliever. We had to write about something that we do often and then write about it giving clues but not telling them what it is! Have a look at my writing and comment down below what you think I am doing.

At about 11 o'clock in the morning I am on a sunday
Puffing Puffing Puffing! Going faster and faster and then slower and slower. Reaching my arms out as I can feel the pain in my legs and arms. Breathing every few seconds and trying to form the correct arm and leg movement. I can  feel the funny smell and then that same strong smell making me sneeze an I keep pushing through. Why do I do this I sometimes think as the teacher go’s Keep going don’t stop AS I Stop to get a drink.. Sometimes I think about random things as I see my brother and my mum and sometimes my dad closely watching me. 
What am I doing?





Here is my book club task. We had to do a PMI chart and answer questions. We had to do something on why you think August should go to that new school, why he shouldn't go to the new school and what are the in her tween e reason he should go to the new school. Here are my Ideas.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Learning dispositions

Here is my learning dispositions goals and what I need to improve on.

Seed to table plants.

For one of our seed to table tasks we had to take a picture over seven days and see how much a plant had changed in that time. Check my plants out! They definitely have changed. Why? I have been watering them really well, and I think the weather conditions are really good for the type of plant. The plant is called corn flowers. They are a pretty blue color. Try and picture it in your head!

Here are the photos from day 1 to day 6.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Creative Writing.

Here is some creative writing that I did. My writing is down the very bottom. Watch the video and find out what i'm talking about!
 ˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚Creative Writing˚˚˚˚˚                                         

WALT respond to a video
Task: click here to watch the video. Consider the following questions)
s the man the 'dragon master?'
Why does the dragon have to be kept locked up?
Where is the ship going?  What will happen as the ship goes into the storm at the end?

Writing opportunities: Chose one of the following to write:  
Write a description of the scene.
Write the dialogue between the pilot and his dragon.
Write a letter to his family saying goodbye and explaining his plans.
Write the ending to the narrative.  What happens as he goes through the storm.  What is on the other side?

Write your response here (remember to name your writing):

As he feeds the dragon to keep them linked and he throws it away because he doesn’t need it anymore. The man and the dragon are part of each other. They come from another universe which is exited and entered through the eye of the storm. The dragon, Exciluber,  is part of the man and the man can’t come back from the universe he is entering without the dragon . So the dragon is the key to the eye of the storm. The dragon has been unlocked because this time he is not coming back. The reason the man is going is because all hope in him has wasted away. The box holds his memories and they are too sad and he doesn’t want to remember the sadness of his old life. The green potion is what the man feeds the dragon keep them linked. Ana F
Dear Brother.
I am too full of despair to stay any longer, I have decided to leave our home behind and go through the eye of the storm because I can’t stand it here any longer. I feel as though there is nothing left to live for in this horriefing place. The Red Death came into this world and took everything that was worth living for. I feel so angry and lost. I have no idea what fortunes or misfortunes I may face on the other side, but whatever there is I am ready to go on. I hope to make a better life and that you may come and visit me someday because I will miss you dreadfully.

Brother, I leave you Exciluber to remember me, I hope that you will never part because you are both brothers to me and I want you to both have someone to be with. I know you will look after him. Words cannot explain the sorrow in leaving you but I have to go. I just can’t stay. From your dearest brother.  Ana F

Dear family
by the time you are reading this I will be on my journey. Im very sorry that I didn’t say goodbye but I need to go away for awhile so I am going into the eye of the storm I am taking the dragon with me to keep me company and so I don’t go crazy I am very sad to leave you all.
Kaleb M

Dear Father,
By the time you read this I will be gone. This is because I have gone through the Eye of the storm. We have feared this for too long I can not live without finding out what is on the other side. I have taken our dragon with me. I do not know if I will see you again but sent my goodbyes to the rest of our family and do not tell them where I am or come looking for me. goodbye Father.

Dear Father
By the time you are reading this I will be on my way to my destiny. I couldn’t help myself I needed to see what was on the other side of the Eye of the storm. I will be taking the dragon with me so I won’t go crazy and also will have some company. I don’t know if I will return back to your arms. Do not miss me because you will only hurt yourself just by thinking of me. Goodbye Father. I’m sorry.

Dear Family
I have had a horrible life and I am ready to start it again. You have treated me like a pest. Thank you for letting me steal your flying ship. I so I can travel to my new world called New Zealand. I can make a new life without you and I’m going too. I am starting a new world without you so my plans can be bigger and better. You won’t be around to destroy my great plans. Georgia

Dear mother, father and siblings.
 I can not cope any longer. I am going where the world takes me. I will build a flying ship that will help me travel in the eye of the storm. I will bring our dragon to accompany me. I am too worried to leave you at risk. Mother and father, as I leave I want you too take care of siblings.
I will gather all the scraps and metal to operate my flying ship. No one must no my secret potion. Be well beloved.
The man and the dragon are like related siblings.
 The man sends all the scraps and metal in the useless fire.
Then he gets his special locked away box. Then he reveals his secret potion. He throws it in the fire. Then gets the remaining and throws it in the end of the ship.
"It's time" He unlocked the dragon. He sent him free in the open.
Then he looks in the eye of the storm. "This is it"
As he keeps going through the eye of the storm there was darkness. His heart was crumbling in pieces. His dragon was no longer there to accompany him.
How could he survive alone. He missed his family. Holding on tight to the same picture frame of him and his family. Then he saw a bit of light. The speck of light was the other side of the dreadful storm. He was finally free. He hurried to his map and noticed he was near and island. He zoomed back to the steering wheel and pushed the lever down. He was going full speed. He could feel the excitement in his chest. This was it. Then the floating ship gears snapped. He was about to crash. Then BOOM! Then he found himself stuck on the north island of New Zealand. Then he saw a man. "Hi! Need help! My name is Captain Cook"

As he keeps going through the eye of the storm there was pitch black darkness. I hope I come to my destiny soon. How could he live he had lost his dragon and was traveling through the storm himself scared and his heart broken into a million peices. Holding on tightly to the photograph with the picture of him and his family. After awhile of constant traveling he  saw the most tiniest bit of something. What was it? He kept powering through the ranging weather. When he kept seeing that something he pinched himself a couple of times. Yes! He was truly awake. I, I, I, I can see light. Finally! He grabbed his map tight, to tight his arms were getting so so sore while running and clutching the map. He kept going. Then he looked up he looked left he looked right he looked down. I he whispered, I think I, might be on an island somewhere. He ran to the steering thing on his boat. He pushed the lever down to full boar. He was going so so so so so so so so FAST. He could feel his legs shivering with excitement while anxiety built up as he kept getting faster. Suddenly the fast suddenly stopped. They had snapped. He suddenly realised he was about to crash. BOOM splutter sputter. Went his boat. Oh hi! Anyone around. Hi there. What’s ya name. Captain hook. Please tell me where I am. Ya on the north island. Come on have a GOLDEN tour.


Here is some maths that I did. I had to have a little bit of help from Ebony, Because I found it a little bit hard. Here is my working out.
Finding the Mean, Median & ModePractice
Topic Index | Grade 6 Math | Intermediate Test Prep | StudyZone

Statistics which describe what is happening at the center of a set of data are called the
measures of central tendency.These are more commonly referred to as:
mean, median and mode.On the lesson page for this topic we worked with each measure independently.  On this page we will find all 3 measures for each problem.

A pitcher recorded the following number of strikeouts over a
12 game season:

6 7 8 8 8 9 10 10 11 12 12 13
1 0
1 0
1 1
1 2
1 2
1 3

114/12 = 9r6 = 9 6/12 = 9 1/2 
Find the mean the median and the mode for these values.

Click Here  for the solution

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Reading learning priorate

Here is my reading priorate that I completed. We had to fill in the caps. And after that we had to go over it with some true and false questions and other things like that. I hope you learn something from this! LOL!

Maths evidence

Here is my maths evidence that I have been working on. We are still learning about decimals. Here is what we had to do and my working out.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Maths Task tut pup

Here is a maths game that I played for a priorate. It's a great app because you can choose your level you want and you can choose what game you want to play i.e. reading game spelling game and writing game. Here is me the pig playing against another animal. I am winning on the hardest level.

My passion

Here is a poster on my passion. My passion is dance. What's your passion. Comment down below what your passion is and respond why.

Monday, 7 April 2014


WALT: show kotahitanga
 Success Criteria:
Use photos to share our camp experiences
Use text to explain the kotahitanga

I think I did really well making the poster and I think the way it is set up makes it more interesting for the person exploring my blog.

Here is a poster that I made on Kotahitanga. Up the to in this photo there is a picture of me and my friend showing kotahitanga. Comment down below how we are showing kotahitanga. Down below there is also a movie we made emplaning in fast motion on our value."Kotahtanga.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Maths Priorate 2

Here is my Maths priorate 2. I played a game called pick from the pot.  The answer that I got was Blue 10. All the that came out of the pot was the color blue. Another way I could write this in a fraction is 10  /10.  Here is a photo of a blue ball coming out of the pot.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Seed to table diagram

Here is my Seed to table diagrams that I did. In the first picture it shows the flower and all the parts on the flower. Then In the second picture it shows the tap root and all the things that grow on a plant.

Here they are:


Here is a poster that I did on Anzac day. This tells you all about ANZAC day. Question. Do you think children should be in the Anzac parade? I think so because it is a great way for kids to remember and learn about the Anzac soldiers. It's also cool that children can have this opportunity to back and support the Anzac soliders and our country!  I hope you learn something from this poster. Also please watch this video to find out more about Anzac day and the parade.

Priorate Maths

Here is my priorate that I had to do for maths! We had to make the number only using the numbers 4 and 5 and we could also use the plus simple the take away simple and the divided by simple. I did all the questions. Have a look at my working out.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Here is learning priorate 5. We had to write why ANZAC day is important and find out one fact about ANZAC day.

Comments for my priorates and specials

Here is a comment on my priorates and specials we had to comment on our buddy classes blog our learning partners blog and our class blog poutama rama.

Here is what I commented on Anna's blog my learning partner.

Weetbix Tryathlon

Weetbix tryAthlon

I am proud of myself for being able to complete the Weetbix Try-Athlon with out stopping.

What was most challenging ?
I think the running was the most challenging because I don’t have very much breath and it was hard not to stop.

What did you enjoy most ?
I enjoyed the bike because it was not tiring and it was fun.
I was relaxed and it felt like a break from everything.

What did you learn ? 
I learnt that if I put my mind to it I can doalmost anything.

1 comment:

  1. I love you reflection Anna. I like the way you but lots of detail into it. Making me have a clear picture in my head. I also love this sentence I learnt that if I put my mind to it I can do almost anything. I like because it is telling me that you are a deter mend person. From Hannah

    Now here is a comment that I did on our buddy classes blog.