Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Swimming Sports

On Thursday Russell Street School was at the Lido waiting to give it their all at the swimming sports. We had to get to school early because we only had from 9.30am till 11.30am to get all of the races done. I entered the freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke 25m races.The people who were not so confident in the water entered the 15m widths.

I heard lots of people cheering for their house groups and friends. If I knew people, I would cheer for them, if I did not know people  I would just shout go Kiwi because Kiwi is my house group.

Suddenly I heard David say “All year 4 girls who entered freestyle, please come to the starting line.” Off I went, to the starting line, oh dear I was versing all the fast people. The whistle blew and my legs were shaking. The whistle meant get ready so I hopped onto the diving board. 3, 2, 1 the hooter went and I dived into the pool as fast as I could. I was telling myself over and over to remember to push the water hard so that I could feel my arms ache. I ended up coming 4th in freestyle and as I did I heard the  crowd go wild.They every one was cheering for me.

I felt a bit hungry after the race, I had some brain food. Suddenly I saw that the year 6 girls backstroke was about to start. Soon after the horn went, I got butterflies in my tummy.
The year 5s went next. Suddenly I heard David say “Year 4 girls backstroke year 4 backstroke”
I went to the starting line.The whistle blew and that meant get into the pool. I hopped in, wanting to start before everybody else. This time because it was backstroke and we had to hold onto the rails facing David. Off I went, it was really hard to concentrate, but it was nice when I heard my Mum and Dad cheering for me! Again I came 4th, it’s a pain when you do! Now I am waiting for the breastoke  race to start. I feel a bit scared. Year 4 girls David suddenly cries out. I get to the starting line. Go!I’m off. Ana passes me I go a bit faster and come... 4th. Oh dear.

Later on it was the fun part, the teachers race! The teachers were racing the Year 6s. On your marks get ready set go! The year 6s got a halfway head start. Then the teachers were off when the Year 6 girl was at the halfway point. “Go Ebony” I shout! Next was the fun part. James was swimming.  He gave the year 6 boy another head start and then he dove into the pool and beat the year 6 boy by a mile! I think he represented New Zealand . Yay the teachers won! They hopped out of the pool and wrapped a towel around their bodies. Soon after the teachers race had finished I heard Nic say, “Ok swimming sports is over please go and get dressed.” I did that and tried to do it fast! 

After swimming sports we went to the Esplanade for lunch. After a few minutes of eating, I heard James say  that we could have a play on the playground. He also said that if a couple of teachers are helping the people that want to play on the flying fox, it's open. “You can go now” he said, and we rushed off. I ran to the flying fox with my friend Emma. We had to wait for a while until we were on the platform. I was a little bit scared because it was high and I had never been on the flying fox before. Suddenly it was my turn. Chris helped me on and gave me a push. Nic was at the bottom for when the flying fox was slowing down and he gave me a push just as I felt it slow down. After I had a go I went  to see my student teacher Olivia, somehow I had lost Emma.I asked Olivia if she wanted to have a go on the flying fox. She said “maybe” then we went for a walk in the green playground. Next we went on the big hollow tubes. It was a tough job spinning them with everybody falling over. I suddenly realized that James was saying something and a second later I saw everybody running to the sunny hot grassy spot where we had lunch about an hour ago. I went back to the place where I had put my bag. Stephen counted everybody up and then said, “Yup everybody is here lets walk to the bus.”

We walked to the bus. I was thinking “oh dear we have got another walk” but now the buses had parked outside the swimming pool area near the Esplanade.  I hopped onto the bus trying to push my way through to get a good seat at the back. I was not at the very back but I did get a good seat. It was a funny seat it was back to front! The ride back to school was fun lots of people were talking about their day. It was quite funny when Zac said, “Can we stop off at McDonald's!” 

Just then the bus jerked to a stop in front of the school gates. I hopped off the bus and went back to class. Lunch time had not finished so we went outside to have a play. Soon the bell rang and we were back in class learning. I really enjoyed swimming sports, it was a great opportunity.

By Hannah


  1. Sarah, Hannah's Mum17 April 2013 at 11:56

    A very detailed and descriptive piece of writing Hannah, well done. Also, love the art of the swimming races - very colourful.

  2. Russell (Hannahs dad)17 April 2013 at 14:33

    Hi Hannah,

    Just read your story, it is very good and I love the picture as well. Your story is very thorough. Keep up the great work.

  3. Hi Hannah,
    I am impressed with your work.
    Well done!

  4. Jo, Dave and Olivia5 May 2013 at 07:46

    Hi Hannah
    Gosh, what a great story about the swimming, Well done with your excellent writing schools, and great descriptions of the day.
    It sounds like it was an amazing day.
    Well done on your efforts
    love Jo , Dave and Olivia x