Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Maths W4 SLC

WALT: multiply by using place value.

Task : In W4 we had to create a poster explaining how to multiply using place value. Georgia Aye and I created a poster to explain how to do it. We used words and a picture tot explain it.

Purpose: The Purpose we are learning this strategy is so that we can get faster working out bigger multiplication problems faster.

Process: First Elly explained to us how to work out these problems and she have us questions to answer in our book, once everybody had figured out  the answer she would ask us what we did first and what the answer was. When we got better Elly kept asking us these questions until we knew it of by heart.

What I learned: I learnt that when it is a three digit number, you have to take the first number and put to zeros on it at the end of that number. You don't do it for the other to numbers though.

Self assessment: I think we did really well to create a poster with my friends but, I think we should have maybe explained how to do and why you choose those numbers to multiply the numbers.

Peer Comment: Wow Hannah I can tell you put a tun of hard work in to this well done there is nothing really you could improve again welldone >3
From Katelyn

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  1. Hannah - thank you for the detail in this post. You have shown your understanding of this strategy well in the poster you made with Georgia and Aye. There is a small mistake in your extra example...can you spot it?
    Remember too that you need to get a buddy to comment on this post for you.