Thursday, 27 March 2014


Here is a maths test  that I did. I got one question right but It was in the wrong place. Next time I want to learn the names of the questions and use my time more wisely. I also think that if I want to "Go for gold," I need to learn it more so that I  can get a higher score maybe next time!!

WALT calculate the MEAN, MEDIAN, MODE and RANGE for a set of data.

Success criteria: To no what to do with the numbers.
I think I still need to practice the median, mode and the range but I think I am really good at the mean. For the mean you add all the numbers you have together and then you divide how many numbers you have and then you have the answer.

Here is the photo of my test.

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  1. This was a tricky task to do! I can see by your working out that you were very close! This is to be celebrated :) We have been working on this recently: how are you going towards this?