Thursday, 26 November 2015

Inquiry Graduation/ and future focus

Every Thursday we do inquiry. I am in Troy's graduation inquiry group and I wanted to be in his group because it will be my graduation and I want to make it special. I am in the crafts/decorations and speech group.

To get my ideas for graduation (decorations) I looked on pinterest to get some really cool ideas. After we got I found some cool ideas I showed them to my decorations group and then we tried to put a a modern twist to each craft idea.

At the moment we are also inquiring about the future. In our inquiry groups we are also have been talking about what we are doing in our inquiry groups: (I'm doing graduation), to benefit the future generation at RSS. I think that we are benefiting RSS as we are leaving a unique legacy behind ( we are role models to all the other year levels)

In my graduation group we are thinking outside the box by adding a modern spin on everything and making all the crafts and decoration group's unique. We are trying to come up new ideas as it will leave a unique legacy that all the other RSS students will remember us. 


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