Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Book Bash Task (quick write).

This week we had to write a story from a different point of view to your own. We had to write a story from a buildings perspective. I wrote about the Auckland sky tower.

I’m the Auckland sky tower, around 328 meters tall. Everything and everyone on the ground is so insignificant. When people climb up the inside of me they tickle my insides. I try to move around but I’m rock solid. My view is breath-taking! To the left I see all the cars zooming across the winding harbour bridge, and to the left I see all the tall buildings but never as tall as me! Into the distance I see the truly captivating sea. Most people say: I’m one of NZ most spectacular tourist attractions under one roof! 

The things I love about be me, is that I get to see people 
fret about bungee jumping of me, like c’mon i’m not that high! 

The consequences of being me is that when it rains the drips make me freezing cold and when there is wind it rushes through me and makes me shiver...

But all and all I am the best building in the world!

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