Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Turtle Descriptive Writing

I.A.L.T: Use Complex sentences.
Description: In class we have been learning about complex sentences. There are two types of sentences that you can use a independent sentence and a dependent sentence, a independent sentence is a sentence that can stand on it's own. A dependent sentence is when you have a sentence that can stand on it's own but you can add another sentence to the same sentence.

After we learnt about independent and dependent sentences we watched a video about turtles. We then had to write down what we learnt and we had to use independent and dependent sentences in our writing. Here it is:

Sea Turtles are amazing creatures! Sea Turtles way up to a thousand pounds, thats as much 10 fully grown men. Sea turtles grow up to 6 feet tall they are really big creatures. Sea turtles eat crabs and jelly fish. Guess What? Sea Turtles lay their babies in the sand, exactly were they where born. They remember where they where born in their turtle brains and then when they are about to lay their eggs they move towards where they where born, sometimes they have to go further than 2,000 km.  Turtles swim very long distances, in half a year they can swim from Hawaii to Japan. Some of them can even travel around the whole ocean in a migration, that’s around 10000km without stopping. It’s sad, if a sea turtle laid 200 eggs only 10 of the sea turtles would live, if a sea turtle laid 100 eggs only 5 would live...

                                                                The end 

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