Thursday, 4 June 2015

Science Portfolio Sample

I have been In Troys science group this Term. In Troys Science group we have been learning about Webs. Native Webs a Marine web and our lunchbox food web. The 'Native food web was when we looked at what was in our NZ bushes and what were the predators for our NZ birds. The second web was our Marine food web we learnt what fish eat what. The last web was our lunch box food web we grabbed what was in our lunch box and then investigated further.  At first thought I thought that my food came from the supermarket!

Big Idea: I learnt about how our food is processed and connected to the sun. I also learnt that we need to the sun to live. Our food goes through a lot of care to get to us.... All thanks to the sun. Without the sun we would not have food, such as fruits, nuts and vegetables and chocolate because chocolate comes from a cocoa bean that comes from the ground, which comes from dirt and dirt comes from the sun.  

Feedback/FeedForward: I love your poster. What I think you could have done better is putting pictures instead of just writing what it is. I also think you could have added more colour to it. Great Job. Rosalind:)

I agree with Rosalind, I think that I could put pictures instead of writing it ( for all the visual learners). I think that I put a lot of detail in my poster going deep down explaining all about the foods that I had in my lunch box.

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  1. Hannah, I love the detail that you have added to your description and your big idea, you make it easy for people to understand what we did in our science sessions. The image is a little bit hard to see, maybe next time you could make the writing and images a bit bigger so its easy for the viewer to see.