Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Reading Portfolio Sample Comprehension (Tic-Tac-Toe)

WALT: Make connections
Description: This Term my reading goal is Comprehension. In Comprehension I have been focusing on relating to the text or to myself  - text to text connections/ text to self connections and text to world connections. Text to text is when you can relate to one story and then relate to another novel that has the same message/ storyline. Text to self is when you can relate to the book and to yourself (example: Something that has happened in the story and to you). Text to world is something that has happened in a story and then in the world.
Today in class for one of my Tic-Tac-Toe, I chose to read the story the Hare and the Tortoise. After I read that there were some questions that I had to answer about the story, Here they are:

Who won the race and how? 
The Tortoise won the race, because the hair sprinted at the start and was so far away from the tortoise that he thought, I’m just going to have a quick nap. The short nap turned into a long sleep. While the hair was sleeping the Tortoise passed the sleeping hair and won the race. The hare  woke up to the crowd cheering well done Tortoise you won the race!

What was the moral (or lesson that can be learned) from the story? Believe in yourself, anything is possible if you dare to achieve. 

Write one text to self connection you have made with the story. 
I am not the fastest runner, and this year in cross country I came 7th which last year I came 11th so I think I did much better than last year. How I can relate to the tortoise is because the tortoise believed in his her/self and kept going and won the race When I was running I kept going and going and I did much better than last year.

Write one text to text connection you have made with the story.

In the book Charlie and the Chocolate factory, all the contestants who had  won a  golden ticket bragged that they had found a golden ticket and they weren't being very nice about it, but when Charlie found a golden ticket he didn’t brag and he asked his parents if they wanted the golden ticket! I can make a connection between the hare and the tortoise because the hare bragged to the tortoise that he was going to win but he didn't.  

Big Idea/ Success Criteria:
I need to be able to make these connections:
  • Text to Text
  • Text to World
  • Text to Self

Feedback and feedforward: 
I think you did an amazing job on your moral on the story. You seem to know all about Comprehension. It really relates to integrity.......  Your text to self connection is a good start to your story. Maybe next time you could do your description a little less BIG.  Good Job Olivia B


I think that I explained the questions really well (In depth)  I think that in reading I need to keep trying and reflecting on text to world, because sometimes I struggle on finding an example. 

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  1. It has been great to read your honest evaluation Hannah. Text to world connections are definitely the hardest and sometimes there may not be a connection to the world in the text that we are reading! It is always good to be thinking about it though.