Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Term 1 Swimming

Yay! It's Term 1 and that means Swimming. In my Swimming group we have been creating a short movie to show our skills. After we had created the video, we looked back at our video and observed what we could get better at. The we made a goal.

My goal is:
Since looking back at my videos I have made a goal. My goal is to get faster, I think that I can get faster by kicking harder and when I am doing freestyle pulling my  my hands through the water continuously! I will try to accomplish this goal by swimming sports so that I can showcase this goal in the water. Also how I will know that I have accomplished this goal by someone filming me, and then I watch it and compare my goal with the two videos I will have filmed!
Here is the link to the youtube video: 
(I am the second person swimming).

4 Weeks later:
I have been practicing my swimming goal, a few days ago it was our last day of swimming so my friend filmed me swimming to see if I have achieved my goal.

I think I have achieved my goal as well as my technique. My swimming teacher said that I needed to not splash down my hands on the water so much, because every time I do that it makes me slow down. Also at swimming sports I got into the finals for 2 of my races which I was proud of because I am better at long distance. So therefore I think that I have achieved my goal. Here is my second video.

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  1. This is a great post Hannah. You have thought about all aspects of what makes a SMART goal and included it here. Keep in mind that it is a good idea to focus on one thing at a time. Perhaps pick your head or your arms to focus on first. Good luck at swimming sports! Eb