Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Maths Knowledge Test

In class we a doing a maths test all about our knowledge skills. I started of by passing Test 4, then test 5 and then it came time for the stage 6 test, it was really hard! I didn't pass but I though I got quite a good score. After we had completed our stage 6 test, we got a chance to redeem ourselves by getting a buddy to call out a similar question to the one we got wrong, and then we had to answer the question in at least 3 seconds if we got the question right the the time frame of 3 second's we got to put a tick next to the cross to show that we got the question that our buddy asked us right!
Here is all 3 of the maths test's:
                                                                          Stage 4
                                                                           Stage 5

Stage 6 
Big Idea:

I think I did really well in the first test and I thought it was quite easy, the second test was much harder, but I think I did pretty well, (Although I did guess a few). Stage 6 was definitely the hardest! I tried hard to think about what I knew and what I didn't know, and I answered the question from there!
My current goal at the moment is to write numbers in order to 1, 000, 000,  including fractions.

Here is an example: 
Write smallest to largest
111 985, 111 987, 111 978, 111, 999

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  1. What a well crafted post Hannah! This clearly describes your learning and your current goal. It was great to sit down and have a chat about how to read large numbers the other day - did that all make sense? Do we need another session to revise this? Let me know if I can help!
    When I read your line that says "I didn't pass" - I always think of it as "I didn't pass yet!" - because I know that you will persevere until you do!!
    Great stuff!