Friday, 6 March 2015


In class we did some writing about a bus stop. First we had to look at the picture of the bus stop and then we did a plan describing what the bus stop looked like, and what it's features were like!
Then we did our piece of writing. Here is mine plan and piece of writing: 

Mum, I can’t be bothered walking, i’m so tired, can’t we catch the bus? Umm ok Hannah, i’m pretty tired of walking to. Lets go and find a bus stop. “Ok” I replied and we kept walking down the road to find the closet bus stop. We walked for about 15 minutes. Suddenly I looked up. It was one of the coolest sights! Mum I screamed look how cool that is. Wow she replied! I ran up to it. 
It was bright, unique, windowless, Original, Colorful, Amusing, Shiny, Decorative, Suspicious it was also a type of shelter and then I clicked, it’s a half bus and half bus stop, and it was cool...
By Hannah

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