Friday, 20 September 2013

Character Description

Character Description - We are learning how to write a character description using similes.

Her name is Madeline. She is as tall as a chair and a white board joined together. Her eyes twinkle when she is amused. Her eyes a bright green like a stone with gleaming sparkles. 

Madeline takes her oval shaped head every were. 

Madeline’s hair is stiff like flax. With a few blonde Strips hiding away in the bunch of brown bushy hair. Although bushy not curly. She sometimes has it up in a bobby bun with a few bits poking out. If she isn't wearing a bun she has got her hair in a high pony tail or her hair out.

 Madeline seems like a different person every day. In terms of cloths I mean! One day she is wearing shorts a T-Shirt ant to top of converses or vans.  When she is going out she is wearing some tights / leg gins on the top half of her body she is always wearing a a dress and sometimes a black over top. On School days she wears her Ross Intermediate uniform with a puffa jacket on top.

Madeline only wears her converses and vans on the weekends or on the holidays. On School days she takes her tattered worn to bit shoes. Sometimes when Madeline is being naughty she wears he socks on the concrete. 

Madeline has a Brother the same age as me 9 and S he also has a very cute little sister called Eva who is 6. You can tell that Madeline loves them both very much but they often have fights together about nothing that serious. Madeline is one of those people who has a messy bedroom. She hates the mess but on the other hand hates tiding up!

Madeline's laugh is plain and dull like mine. She doesn't laugh very much but when something is really funny she does crack the odd laugh. 

Madeline is a good girl but sometimes she teases her siblings because she has nothing to do. Although she lets herself down she only does that once every day.

Madeline is friendly at all times and bubbling with ideas and at all times she is taking is every bodes advice and locks it in her brain to help her with the future.

Madeline has lots of belongings. Her favorite belongings is her laptop her I-pod books and all her dance gear.

madeline is very fit. She has Jazz every week Soccer in winter swimming in Summer she does the mini Triathlon Series and she sometimes goes out to the massy track to do some athletics. On the days that she is not doing anything she is doing her homework or practicing her dancing.

Here is a photo of madeline. Does she look the same as I described her?

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  1. Well done on your character description. I like the way you have used lots of descriptive words and similes. Your writing has given me a clear picture of your character.