Saturday, 31 August 2013

Free Writing Friday established Writing

I peered in. Roses, Tress, and grass covered the whole land. Emerged from the garden there were daffodils as bright as the sun with gleaming twinkles of light. I sighed “I wish some people would care for land”. I suppose people do get old sometimes. But this man could hire servants. I ran back into the house pretending that nothing had happened. As I made myself comfy on the couch, my body had a weird feeling. As soon as I had shut my eyes a whirl wind attacked my ears. I flung my head up and clinked to my couch. Bits of the roof were tumbling down. I felt as if I was’t alive or if I was alive every part of my body is disconnected completely. But No! A big tornado had whirled round the country like the sea when the waves are crashing down. I was speechless for a few seconds. I was worried. As worried as a big lion with  it’s legs chopped off! I was all worried about the garden. The Beautiful secret garden. What had happened to it I asked myself in a carless type of tone. I ran outside and carelessly tripped over a big hollow log. Agh! I shouted in a high tone. As I stumbled back up to my feet anxiety feel upon me as I could see the big black brick wall. All crumpled like paper and all shattered like a broken bottle glass. 

A sudden tear dripped down my face as I whispered softly “ I loved that place as I started to feel like I was going to faint.” Suddenly I felt a drip slide down my  nose. I then started to wonder why is it that when something hit, the rain starts and does a million summer salutes before touching one another and then disappearing like Jack frost. After I get back into the realty of life I try to clamber over the big wall, to find the shock of a built  down forrest. As I felt the rain get substantial my hair started to whiz round in a big gush of thrill. As I walked around the garden I thought about all the things that might of happened if I was still asleep. What would have happened to the trees that dogs I declare Are so special and the opposite of not really very rear. But in other terms I would say that living plants are very very special in a different kind of way. As I jumped frantically around, a little blue flew onto my shoulder and hopped of. How very cool I thought to myself very quietly as quite as a tiny little mouse or on the other hand as quite as a tiny little fairy with no throat. And that is when the anxiety hit me. My eyes started to gleam as my arms through back and forth like a drunk person winning the drunk persons 7.8 kilometer sprint! As I roared round trying to catch the blue bird I then suddenly heard a sudden call. It was like the chirping of two baby robins having a race trying to catch up to the blue bird. They finally did. The robin in the middle had a beautiful pair of soft motley colored spots. At all times was he making a seen of himself and trying to approve h to the other baby blue bird that on the other hand wasn’t so glamorous. You could see by the look on the middle blue birds face was that he wanted to be in front and wanted every one to look at him and talk about him! After a few seconds of flapping his wings he scampered like a cat to the front of the line.

 The red robin looked dis hearted. It was like he was saying “ I don’t want to be in the middle of a peanut butter toasty.” I’d rather be on the outside were can breath properly. And then, I wouldn't have to carry all the stuffing. I think i’d get two tired! The red robin the let the blue bird that was at the back go in font of him and he whirled like the wind into a hollow tree where she kept her beautiful blue spotty babies. They were cute. Well what happened was that the red robin had it’s feed and then opened her mouth to let the little blue birds peck in her mouth. Gross! It was like one of the babies was wanting to slither and slide like a slippery old snake. But no! After he had had the worm he did a huge jump backwards. Then as sudden as rain all of that family of birds flew away into the distance and after a couple of seconds: 1...2! I never saw them again. Well, well, well! As you might be thinking in your head have I still be walking around this shattered place? 

Well Yes. As the rain has pored down like a howling hurricane I have been under a wrecked app;e tree. I have been climbing in this trochees weather all this time and now my head, my back, my arm acutely  it seems like every part of my body, I mean every part of it is itchy. To be honest with you even my toes. Well. I have climbed about half way and now I can see every thing. I can see apples and in some spaces they are a very deep brown. Some boring old birds are up in the tree next to me, franticly chirping wanting somebody to play  with them. I’m not playing with them. I’m thinking. I’m thinking about something serious. BecauseI care for this land I could maybe fix it up. I could maybe make friends with the plants. Agh! 

Maybe not. They don’t talk! Sometimes I think about talking to plants and learning from them. Maybe we could live and learn together and I could grow a tight friend ship with all the plants. Well I joyfully said! “Work starts tomorrow.” As I jumped out of the tree, and grabbed the ladder I thought I heard a screech of words from the trees and the plants the over all land saying: “Good bye” see ya tomorrow! As I sprinted around the garden and up the 400 steps I was thinking about getting to bed quickly and trying to keep every thing a secret. Even the wall. As I reached the top of the steps I heard the faint calling Please come back
.I woke up sharply. And had breakfast and went outside to see the piece of land in my pajamas. As i scrambled over the wall to see the light shimmer brightly over the flowers and trees. In my surprise I saw that they had grown a center meter. In a destination that so fewer people new and only watered every so 100 hundred every years . As the say went on we had tea parties together as night fell I went inside and carried my bed all the way to the fence and slept on the outer side of the wall. But I shore woke up every few hours to check if they were all right. And till this day on wards I played with them until I grew older. 

I’m now 80 years old and I have just dropped of my children to there new home. Which is the secret garden place. As I walked in the door photo people gathered around me. I’m famous I thought to myself. I ran through the crowd. And hopped outside grabbed a ladder and struggled to hop over the fence. 8 ran to give each and every flower a hug. My kids were embarrassed all because i’d never told them about it. As I left them I told them to care for the garden and water them every day. And they did. I think it will come back in lots of generations to come.  True from the author. I will always remember writing this story because it took me a long time and when it takes a person a long time you will remember it forever. And maybe ever again. 


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