Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Writing Sample

At 6.45 pm I sprinted right into the reagent. Plop! My foot touched the ground ant then all of a sudden I felt apprehensive. I bounced up the stairs and hopped straight into dressing room 6. Suddenly Stephen appeared and said "straight down to ukulele Hannah." Then it suddenly happened, a shock wave attacked me, and suddenly I'm off. Bouncing down the stairs I go and grabbing my ukulele. I suddenly stopped to a hault when I saw Jennifer in front of me. "Wait there Hannah and don't play." Yes I reply quietly. After a few minutes of waiting some of my friends arrive. We start playing our ukuleles although Jennifer told us not to!

Suddenly Jennifer comes back and says " I'm going on with the marimba group now line up against the wall." They went on and as they touched the stage I felt captivated my eyes fixed on the stage at every second. After the marimbas turn it was ours.

Jennifer ran of stage grabbed her uke and told us to line up in the half circles we were in before. While we were getting ready on stage the red velvet curtain was down. But very sudden after a blink of the eye the curtain went up the music started to play and so did we. I could see that every bodes eyes in the audience were fixed upon us! After we had played all the pieces the red velvet curtain came down again.

I skipped of stage talking to my friends. I wan'st in Kapa Haka so I hopped up the stars again slid round the corridor and stopped when I saw Grace with red painted cheeks. "Oh gosh!" I thought to myself do we have to wear painted cheeks I walked straight past Grace not saying a word. I slid round another corner until Jacqui said come her Hannah for painted cheeks. I went over feeling like I was in a different planet. I thought that I could see a tiny flesh of bight red stars. I stood still not blinking an eye while I could feel the tickling brush swish across my face. After a few seconds in my own planet I suddenly stepped out of it. I then grabbed Bella Georgia Grace and Rosalind and asked them if they would like to play a puzzle game. "Yes they all replied." We went into the corridor plopped ourselves on the carpet and played! After a while some other people sat dow and played with us. We had one last game until Stephen tells us to  come into the dressing room for a quick talk before we go down stairs for our performance. Fantastic! I thought sarcastically, who wants Stephen ruining our game. I went into the changing room were the whole class was sitting. Stephen told us all the things that had said to us before. It was so boring listing to him speck! Go. Suddenly I here a big clatter of people running down the stairs and then I suddenly relies it's show time.

I wait in the curtains felling a bit nervous what if I make a mistake, and then I suddenly see room 14  has just ran of stage and then we run on!

 The RSS presenters talked for a little bit and then ran of stage the music started to play and we were of dancing like bullets never stopping but doing the right moves at all time. As soon as the boys came on a smile came across my face. I felt like a person in the olympics training so hard and then it all coming down to this! The dance went so fast although short and sharp is how I like it! As soon as I went of stage I felt like old boring Hannah again.

By Hannah

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  1. Well done Hannah. I loved the juicy words you put into your story! Well done.

    From Mum