Monday, 29 July 2013


Hi again. It's term 3 and we've just had the holidays! What did I do? Well here is a little snip it of my holiday!

1- Went to despicable me 2
2- Got a new laptop cover
3- Went to Ana's place for a sleep over
4- Went to the library
5- Ballet training Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (second week.)
6- Went to Bella's birthday party
7- Best friend came over
8- Lot's of computer stuff
9- I-cas practicing  
10- Caught up with Granny and Grandad

Check out this despicable me trailer!

1 comment:

  1. To Hannah.
    Did you have a good holiday? I like the movie despicable me 2 and I saw it.
    I saw it at the movies in the holidays. It was fun. It looks like a cool movie.Did you like the movie?
    From Manaia your buddy from Room7.