Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Triatlon day.

Today is the triathlon we are at the start line waiting for Stephen to buzz the buzzer.

Off we went we started with the run around the bend. I could her the people cheering go Hannah go Amy go Bella!
I got to Rongopai street.
I passed people & people passed me. My Mum was cheering for me! around the bend yay! i'm getting into the pool it was so nice getting into the pool it was like I was never HOT. I did back stroke until I felt a ferry arm it was James arm saying you have done 2 lengths hope out of the pool.
next is the bike. I got my helmet and bike and ZOOMED of. Oh dear I could see Ana just a head of me
I was scared because Ana is a really fast biker but guess what I beat her!
only by 1 though.
Now I am running down the finishing line again I could her my Mum cheering for me! I went and give my Mum a big hug she said '' Well done'' I then asked what did I come she said in the top 12th. When I did the run I felt really Hot. When I was in the pool I felt like I was cool again. When I was in the bike part I felt proud of myself because I bet some of my friends. The best part though was when my Mum gave me a big hug and said ''well done''
so that was a little bit about me doing the triathlon.
It was Great day today!

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