Tuesday, 26 February 2013

My Weekend.

In the weekend I went to my friends house.We had after noon tea with them. We also played a wimpy the kid game. Then me & Madeline played hide and seek together. One time I just could not find her! Then I heard a squeaky noise. It was a Car squeaking noise. It was Madeline! She was hiding under the car. It was so funny. We were laughing so much! Then it was my turn to hide. This was a hard thing because I did not know were to hide. I tried to hide behind a branch but she saw me! She said did you hear me? I said what. She said did you hear me say hear is a lolly for you . That was sort of weird because I thought her Dad said that we weren't aloud to have any lolly's when she asked before.We ate, it all down fast.Suddenly the Phone rang it was Mum saying to Dad you need to come home your work mate is hear for something.Me and madeline asked straight away if I could stay longer  while Dad rushed home quickly with Harry. Unfortunately Dad said no.                                                
 fortunately Dad and our friends said that we could all go down to the school pool at 4. Yay. At the pool we played a game called touch each others freckle Madeline had a big one on her arm and i have a big one on my leg. So the game is I try and touch Madeline's freckle with out her touching mine if I touch hers she has to do something that I say to do.Yeah that is how the game works. When Mum & Dad told us to get out we had to so... That was the end of the day with my friends
Here is a picture of me hiding in Madeline bedroom![I hid in Madeline's bedroom 2]

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  1. Sarah (Hannah's Mum)26 February 2013 at 13:18

    Sounds like you had great fun playing hide-and-seek at the C-S's house. The swimming pool game with freckles sounds fun too!