Monday, 19 October 2015

Discovery Time T4 W2

Instead of doing E Tero on a Monday afternoon we do discovery time. When I was little we used to do this, but the teachers gave us things to discover and play with. Now that I am a year 6 we get to chose what we want to do/discover but when we do this we have to be showing our school vision, inspiring creativity, agency and excellence. Last week I didn't really know what I wanted to do but I thought about it over the week and decided to do some art.

At the end of discovery time today we had to answer some questions about what we did.

Today For Discovery Time I did:
I went online (pinterest and Youtube) and looked at some cool art ideas and tutorials.

I showed CREATIVITY by:
For some of the art projects I wanted to do, my school didn't have the supplies so I tried to be creative and think about some ways to make the supplies that I didn't have. Eg: We didn't have a really small pointy paint brush so we got a triangular sponge and used the pointy side instead. I also was being creative by putting a modern spin on my art as well ( Not making it exactly the same to what the pieces of art I saw and wanted to create looked like).

I showed AGENCY by:
Doing my art to the best of my ability (a high standard and quality).

I showed EXCELLENCE by:
Doing my art slowly so that I wouldn't make a lot of mistakes because I was doing my art with paint and if you make a mistake you can't really rub paint out!

Next MONDAY I Want To:
Finish painting my art and I want to do a few touch ups!
Here Is my art so far:

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