Friday, 29 August 2014

The learning pit

WALA: The learning pit.

Description: We have been learning have been learning about when good learning happens.

Task: Share what you know about the learning pit.

Draw the learning pit
list at least three feelings that you might have when you are in the pit.

  • stressed 
  • cross
  • sad

list at least there strategies that you could use to get out of the pit

  • Do lot's of work out of school
  • Keep persisting 
  • apply your knowledge to your learning.

Label where good learning happens.

  • School
  • When you are focused 
  • Any where really 

List three things you could say to yourself when you are in the pit.

  • Keep going I can do this
  • Keep taking little steps to get out of the pit
  • You need to get this deadline done fast 

Reflect on a time that you have been in the pit.
When I was learning about decimals I was in the pit. I felt quite stressed but I put myself in the pit by going to lots of individual workshops, and doing lots of work at home.

How did you feel when you where in the pit.
I felt annoyed and cross because some of my friends had moved up and at home dad was making me do extra work at home, but it all paid off!

Feed back and feed forward: From Ana

 Well done Hannah! I like the colours on your picture because they pull the reader in and they go together also, I like you clear hand writing, it makes the poster easy to read. Maybe next time you could put your 3 things you say to yourself in the pit on the poster. Ana

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  1. A fabulous post about the learning pit Hannah - well done! Now you know that it's ok to feel challenged and frustrated because that's how good learning feels. Keep putting yourself in the pit! You're awesome!