Tuesday, 11 June 2013



READING SAMPLE (Copy and Paste onto your Blog)

WALT: To read with fluency and expression

SUCCESS CRITERIA: To be successful we need to...

- Read at a steady pace, not too fast and not to slow

- Read each sentence with accuracy, not making too many mistakes

- Use good phrasing, paying attention to punctuation and sentence structure

- Change my voice to show feeling or to sound like different characters

SELF ASSESSMENT: Did you achieve the WALT? Explain why?
I think I did alright but I read to fast and made a few mistakes. I did read with expression though.


  1. Hannah your blog is cool!

  2. Hi Hannah, today we did some maths and it was fun please levee me a comment on my blog I like visiting your blog cause it is sooooooo cool and it has cool things on it. your back round is cool and you have had lots of visitors on your blog and so do I. I have lots of things on my blog so please put some comments on my blog. You are a good reader but I did not really know what the story was about cause I have never red the book. What is the name of the book. I like reading books because they are fun and it is real cool reading new books every day and i red every day because it is fun. I checked out this blog called Avas blog it wqas from a link of her blog. What have you been up to lately? I have been playing with my friends at school. Do you like School. I do because it is really fun and you learn heaps of stuff there! Seeeya Hannah.
    from Anonymous