Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Cross Country Reflection.

Before the race:

Today was the RSS cross country for 2013. Before the race I had a mixed feelings in my tummy. I was excited, Scared. worried & panicked all at the same time! Year 4 girls Nick suddenly said line up & take all your clothes of then run across the finishing line but don't run over any people. I ran across to the starting line. Alright Nick said Jog on the spot alright now run all the way to me we did that the finally nick said alright on your marks get ready set go, we were off. 

During the race: 

I was trying to pace myself during the race I sprinted at the start to try & get past all the fast people. As I was running down the hill I could see Bella, Georgia & all the other fast people turing around & heading out of the school gate. Suddenly Ana passed me so I tried to keep up with her I did that for a while but the she started spiriting ahead. I then remembered about my goal poster it said that I wanted to  be able to spot all the fast people, I could still see Ana but she was ahead by about 10m. Yay I am entering school again. I could see the year 4 boys starting. Around another corner  and now I am running down the finishing line I could here my mum & Dad cheering for me. Stephen took a photo of me as I was at the very end of the finishing line.

After the race: 

After the race I rushed over to dad to get my drink bottle he said well done Mum came over & gave me & gave me a hug. I was very puffed after the race & I had a saw shoulder. After I had had a big drink I went over to the finishing line to cheer other people on. It was great Cross Country & I think all the training paid off!


  1. Good effort in the Cross Country Hannah. I'm glad you didn't take ALL your clothes off when Nick said to - you would have frozen!!! Your reflection is very descriptive, well done.

  2. Sorry, I meant to say he told us to take all our sweatshirts of!

  3. Thank you! Cross country was very fun!!!!!

  4. Jo, Dave and Olivia16 June 2013 at 09:02

    well done at the cross country race Hannah. We enjoyed reading your story about the race and Liv loved the photos.